Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing

We are in a transition time regarding marketing brands, products and services. Traditional marketing which includes TV, radio, billboard, direct, trade shows, and mailers still have a lot of benefits and provide companies with a means to get themselves in front of those who might want their products and services. But unlike in previous decades, traditional marketing is not the hottest marketing method going right now and utilizing it must take into account current consumer behavior

Digital or online marketing is the current reigning champ of marketing today because it is the way to reach people who are engaged in the world’s favorite past time, the internet. Every day around the world more than 3 billion people participate in online activities that include shopping, reading news, gambling, watching films, TV shows and sports, listening to music, sending emails, making voice and video calls, sending money, taking online education classes, and dozens of other important or mundane activities.

These people are all potential customers to companies that sell products and services to consumers, however it is not as simple as you might think. The competition online is fierce and in order to get yourself in front of and considered by your potential customers you must adopt effective online strategies.


There are many effective digital marketing strategies with the most effective being social media marketing, utilizing blogs and websites to market, SEO, and email marketing. Each has proven to be effective at gaining new customers and keeping those with whom you have formed a customer relationship. But each must be used properly and in most cases a professional digital marketing agency is required to get the most out of a particular type of online marketing. Each also has its limitations. The most important of all online marketing strategies however is search engine optimization or SEO.

SEO is a methodology for assisting a company’s web pages appear high on online search engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines utilize algorithms to help determine which websites will appear where on an internet search. When someone searching for a topic puts in keywords, the search engine will list websites based on these algorithms.

It is important for a company to be high on an internet search because people will generally not look at more than a page or two of a search. Therefore the companies appearing at or near the top will be the ones most visited from a search. Since more than 70% of all people on the internet searching use an online search engine. It is very important for companies to do all they can to get high on internet searches. The key to this is SEO.

SEO is the Most Important Digital Marketing

Digital marketing firms utilize SEO tools and their knowledge of keywords and how search engines work to create their clients web pages. This expertise aids in their client’s pages being retrieved first in a search. Because the search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, those doing SEO must also alter how they position their client’s web pages. If all of this sounds quite complicated, it is, but it is very necessary because SEO can send lots of purchase ready customers to a website. For this reason. SEO is the most important form of digital marketing.