How Can CCTV Surveillance Help in Improving Road Safety?


CCTV surveillance systems are increasingly getting installed both for private and public security concerns. In public places, they ensure public safety by deterring the criminals. The recordings of these cameras are used by the police and the investigating agencies for preventing as well as solving cases as they provide them with material evidence.

Here are a few ways in which CCTV surveillance has proved to be helpful in improving the road safety.

Provides Aid to Commuters

The security cameras are strategically placed atop traffic signals, busy roads and common congestion points on highways. They share feeds to news outlets, which are then passed to the commuters.

These traffic reports provide the commuters with a valuable insight into taking a particular route in case there is a traffic jam or severe congestion on that route due to an accident or some repair work in progress. The commuters can then decide to take an alternate route.

It helps in two ways: firstly, the time-crunched commuter can look for an alternate route thus saving him the precious time and secondly with few people opting for alternate routes it eases the traffic on the otherwise congested route.

Encourages Safe Driving

When the commuters know that they are being watched by these cameras, they go slow on the racing pedal. Driving within the specified limits can help in avoiding accidents. The people also follow the traffic rules properly and it thus discourages violations and encourages safe driving habits. The cameras also help in nabbing those who cause violations and they can be issued tickets with proof of their violating the rules already captured in these cameras. The enforcement of traffic rules thus becomes easy and efficient.

Helps in Collecting Valuable Data

The data that is captured by these surveillance cameras help in understanding the bottlenecks and accessing the vehicular traffic at different times of the day. It also helps in understanding the causes of road traffic accidents. This, in turn, is useful for finding ways to prevent such accidents in the future. The data is also utilized by the authorities for deciding things like construction of overheads, lane expanding and future road development.

CCTV surveillance systems on roads have the potential to provide all the necessary information both qualitatively and quantitatively. This is very much important to enhance the road safety.