Here’s Why Broken Link Finder Is The Best Link Checker Available Today!

Ensuring that every element on your website is working as intended is extremely important. One of the critical aspects to check for broken links, images and other content, which can hamper user experience considerably, besides affecting the brand image you are trying to create. SEO experts, website owners and web developers often spend considerable time in finding broken links. While there are many link checkers available for use, most of these tools are either paid or too complicated to be considered as a free resource. Broken Link Finder, a new link checker on the block, promises to change that. Here’s a look on the option.

Tips for using the Broken Link Finder

Broken Link Finder is a complete FREE tool in all ways. To use the same, you just need to visit the website –, and enter the URL you want to crawl. The tool is capable of checking as many as 2500 for each crawl. Additionally, there is a mix of advanced settings, where you can decide and set the maximum depth, maximum tries, check for subdomains, besides creating a sitemap. Broken Link Finder is not bogged down by heavy downloads, which makes it one of the most reliable and easy-to-use link checkers in the market.

How is Broken Link Finder different?

Broken Link Finder is not like some of the other link checkers that we are used to. Most link checkers will check for broken links on the parent URL, which is the page where the link was first found. With Broken Link Finder, you can find and fix the same link on all the internal pages, making the tool a more versatile one in many ways. Additionally, you can find the exact location of the resource in the source code, so fixing links is easier than ever.  The results for each crawl can be further exported to Excel, which can help in deciding more on how to manage the website better. Broken Link Finder is free by all means, no matter the number of times you choose to use it.

Quick verdict

We found Broken Link Finder to be one the honest and effective link finders that can be used by experts and novices alike. For website owners and developers, this can be a great tool in many ways that offers complete control on broken links and how these issues are fixed. You can check the website for a better idea.